Recruiting in Today’s Competitive Market

Just a few years ago recruiting qualified candidates was quite different from the recruitment efforts and results we have all experienced over the last year. No longer is the employer in the driver’s seat and candidates realize that there has been a shift to his or her favor.

Therefore, how do companies maximize their recruitment efforts and reduce time to fill and cost to fill?  Quite simply, Companies, Recruiters and Human Resource Professionals need to change their processes. There are simple ways to improve the interviewing experience for candidates and a great way to improve your company reputation.  Candidates are experts and posting their experience about the interview process on sites such as Glassdoor, and a positive post can improve your company image and your ability to recruit.

Demonstrate your respect for the candidate by reducing the time between qualifying the candidate(s) and scheduling the interview(s). If your process requires multiple interviews, schedule them all in the same day. Reduce the time candidates have to take time off work by scheduling interviews before and after regular business hours. Consider Skype interviews to reduce travel time for the candidates. Your candidate will appreciate your efforts and he/she will compare these efforts with other company’s interviewing processes.  Highly qualified candidates do not remain on the market long and you can lose that candidate to a competitor if you procrastinate.

Lastly, communicate with your candidate(s). Keep them in the loop on the process even after they have accepted the position and signed the offer letter. Until the candidate arrives for his or her first day of employment, there remains the possibility of losing them.

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